Lash Extensions

Classic/Individual Lashes: 

These extensions add length, volume, and curl to the lashes, giving a natural yet enhanced look. The process typically takes just over an hour and can last several weeks with proper care, offering a low-maintenance way to achieve fuller and longer lashes without the need for mascara.


Infills 2/3 weeks – £35

Hybrid Lashes:

Hybrid lash extensions combine the best of both worlds by blending classic and Russian volume lash techniques. This results in a customised look that combines the naturalness of classic lashes with the added fullness and texture of Russian volume lashes. 


Infills – 2/3 weeks – £35

Russian Volume Lashes: 

Russian volume lashes are a sophisticated lash extension technique where multiple ultra-fine synthetic fibers are skillfully fanned and attached to each natural lash. This creates a voluminous, fluffy look that adds significant fullness and density to the lashes without weighing them down. Unlike classic extensions, which typically involve attaching one extension to each natural lash, Russian volume lashes allow for the application of 2-8 extensions per natural lash, resulting in a dramatic yet lightweight effect. The result is glamorous, feathery lashes that enhance the eyes with a lush, multi-dimensional appearance. The procedure can take up to 2 – 2.5 hours


Infills 2/3 weeks – £35

Lash Extension